June 30, 2017

WooCommerce Add-On / Woo Installments

WooCommerce Add-On / Woo Installments Woo Installments can handle all of your needs with simple WordPress posts and pages using WooCommerce plugin as shopping cart flow. You are simply required to decide that what kind of instllments are required to access a course, lesson, post or page. Woo Installments is an incredibly easy to use […]

May 30, 2017

Option field value not loading on Archive page – WP_Query

  <?php global $development_logos; add_action(‘init’, ‘development_logos’); function development_logos(){ global $development_logos; $development_logos = get_field(‘development_logos’,’option’); } function dev_logos_func( $atts ){ global $development_logos; $devLogos = ‘<div id=”logos”>’; foreach($development_logos as $the_row){ $devLogos .= ‘<a href=”‘.$the_row[‘dev_url’].'” target=”_blank”>’.$the_row[‘dev_name’].'</a><div class=”logosTxt”>’.$the_row[‘dev_text’].'</div>’; } $devLogos .= ‘</div>’; return $devLogos; } add_shortcode( ‘dev_logos’, ‘dev_logos_func’ );

February 18, 2017

WooCommerce Email Hooks

Source: https://businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-visual-hook-guide-emails/

January 20, 2017

WordPress Plugin – Chameleon

WordPress Plugin – Chameleon

December 21, 2016

WordPress Lovers Gathering in Lahore Pakistan, 400+ Attended Lahore Meetup

Over the weekend, the WordPress community in Lahore, Pakistan held its 10th monthly meetup. It is an amazing effort by TechHub Pioneers to attract youth towards WordPress meetup. First ever WordPress Meetup was organized by Kamran Zahid of Timelenders a lead trainer, on 5th of April 2012 at Salt-n-Pepper Restaurant, Lahore Pakistan. The Second meetup […]

September 30, 2016

WordPress Plugin – WP Quick Shop

WordPress Plugin – WP Quick Shop

August 29, 2016


Setup WooCommerce Discounts and link with s2Member user roles/level: How it works? Create membership levels with s2member > Membership Levels/Labels.  | Video Tutorial If membership levels are created already so you will have them in “Membership Level” dropdown here (on this page, see left). Now select Discount Type either fixed price discount or percentage discount. Now […]

June 2, 2016

Using Enfold Layer Slider as a Plugin

Using Enfold Layer Slider as a Plugin You might will get surprised that if Layer Slider is a plugin already so what is this post about? In fact Layer Slider WP plugin comes in enfold within the theme and it works really well. But normally developers don’t try to mess with it and i had […]